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Friday love

Last weekend we had the fantasmical Jylare come and do a family photo shoot with my Grandma and Great Auntie Janet, before they headed home to Scotland on Monday.  

As always Jylare was amazing and easy and caught some wonderful magical moments for us to cherish . . . she gave me a sneak peak and I cant wait to see the rest!!!!  (The photos were taken at my mum and stepdads beautiful home) 

 The whole gang!

 The two most beautiful women I know . . . my grandma and my mum!

 Emerson and Granma

 seriously!!!!! my mum had them pick lemons to distract them!

 this is a favorite of mine; my brother, grandma and little sister . . . . i have such a beautiful family!

 cousins!!!!!! Harper, Cooper, Emerson, & Morgan

 "Harper give your big sister a kiss" . . . . awwwww melts my heart

 Sisters . . . Auntie Janet and Grandma . . . when I grow up I want to be just like them.

 My whole world in a rainbow of blues 

 Very squirmy 18mth old in this one . . . 

 My sisters beautiful family . . . sweetpea Morgan is Emerson's BFF

 Seriously? How gorgeous is my brothers family! That red hair, those curls . . . lil Mr. Cooper melts me


 Me and my baby girl . . . please excuse the fuzzy hair, I went to the Pink! concert the night before (BTW she is amazing!)
 I cannot get enough of this photo . . . those smiles, those little dimples . . . overwhelming love 

love this one of Grandma and lil Ms. Morgan. . . those big blue eyes!

NOTE - the girls dresses and cardigans and lil Coopers seersucker pants, shirt and vest were all from Target! so many cute things in right now . . . oh and so were the Whale sweatshirts that they all ended up having to have!


  1. Beautiful photos, such precious memories! Xo

  2. so insanely cute! these pictures are precious

  3. Y'all are such a gorgeous, fashionable, & genuine family! I can seriously tell all that from these pics....LOVE!!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog w/ your kind comment the other day. You rock. =]



Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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