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I had a night

the other night, I had a night.  You know those nights as a parent where you are so emotionally and physically exhausted that your brain throbs, that your body cries for sleep and your patience is at a negative 15.  I had one of those nights, I wasn't patient, I got frustrated, I wanted one night where my kids didn't wake up all night long because of teething, because of a nightmare about a bob-cat, because of a runny nose that was tickling her.  I wanted my bed to myself, to sprawl out and let my body's aches and pains get some rest and not be contorted into a yoga pose with a little person's feet in my face.  I wanted to get away and leave my life for 24hrs and hole up in a hotel room and just sleep and be in the silence . . . and then I read 

and I cried.  I cried because I had been mean, I had been frustrated, I had been selfish, I was riddled with guilt (so much so that I felt like I was going to throw up), I had been a bad mummy . . . 

One day I am going to ache for that little warm body in my bed, those little toes in my face so I believe the only thing we can do . . . is invest in a very large bed and relish these times all squished together; you get them only once in a lifetime 


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