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parent tip for the holidays

So if you believe in Santa Claus and celebrate Christmas you may already know this or have dealt with this BUT we hadn't until last year. 

Ms. E was 3.5yrs old last Christmas and as we sat wrapping her "Santa" gifts after she had gone to bed on Cristmas Eve, I picked up a roll of wrapping paper to use and wondered out loud to my dad and Mr. Hotpants,  "I wonder if Emerson will notice that this is our wrapping paper?"  . . . . my dad and Mr. Hotpants were like "no way, kids tear paper off so fast, she wont even notice a thing!"  So I keep wrapping

Come Christmas morning . . . 

Little Ms. E walks out to the living room, looks at all her toys wrapped under the tree and the first thing she says is "Mama why did Santa use our wrapping paper?" 

Thank you men!!! I knew she would notice!!! 

So my advice for mama's of babies 3 and up . . . buy several rolls of wrapping paper on a day you are not with your babies and HIDE it immediately, don't even let them see it sitting in the hall closet or in the Target bag.  Then use that paper ONLY for their presents from Santa; don't use it on any other gifts under the tree  It should be a special paper that only Santa uses!  I try to get cute kid wrap with Rudolph or snowmen, you know the stuff Santa digs!

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