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So I joined the health-wagon and decided to try out NatureBoxSo far it is wonderful!  A box with bags and bags of new and exciting HEALTHY snacks arrives on your doorstep once a month.   Not sure about you but my girls are more "snackers" than 3-meal day kids (pediatrician says this is very normal for children and actually better that they graze)

I love the fact that I have these nutrionist-approved snacks on hand for when they get hungry.  I plan on getting little snack bags and dividing the larger bags up into little grab-bags for their lunches, for when we are running out to go to the park or run errands (like Jenny here)

If you haven't tried them, they are worth trying at least once.  The prices are on par with the grocery store prices for similar products.  The "Citrus Chipotle Chickpea's" are insanity!!!


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