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Happy Friday Sweets 

I have been crazy busy this week! Work is busy, Mr. Hotpants has craziness going on with his clinics and he started back at school this week (getting his doctorate) and we are trying to figure out little Ms. Em's kindergarten situation for this year (Sept).  We are looking at transferring to a different public school or private school; we have been touring schools and talking to peeps because today is the last day to transfer in our district! Ahhhh!!  Thank goodness it's the weekend . . . I need some prosecco stat!

Although I must say our weekend is kinda booked too but I plan on getting a few things done:

1.  As January is always my "cleaning out" month we have a HUGE pile of clothes, toys, and furniture getting picked up by a local charity organization tomorrow! Love the feeling of helping others and sharing that with the girls by having them donate the toys and clothes they don't play/wear  anymore and having the house feel less cluttered and lighter!
2. In line with the school search we have a Kindergarten Assessment tomorrow for little Ms. Em from 12-2:30pm . . . She just thinks she is going to a new class to play fora few hours, meanwhile I am an internal wreck: I can't handle my baby girl starting Kindergarten!!!!

3.  I am going to pick a few things from this awesome Etsy shop! The prices are great; I will let you know the quality when I get them.  I want some pillows and maybe a table runner . . . Look at the colors and patterns of these; she sells the pillows individually or in sets of 4 or 9 which I think is great because she does the mixing and matching of fabrics for you! . . . Oh and she just started jewelery . . I am loving the wood beads!

Ahem . . . a nice little Valentines present Mr. Hotpants


  1. Amen to donations! It's a win-win for everyone. And kindergarten assessment already?! She's growing so! I'd be a nervous wreck, too. Hope it goes well & that you all get some downtime soon, much love to you!

    1. thanks lady . . . the assessment went great . . she was fine i paced around till she was out ha ha ha xoxox

  2. I just had to stop by and see the woman who left the funniest comment on my blog! I'm glad I did because I'm loving the pillows and I'm looking forward to hearing about the quality.
    Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!


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