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So we are off on a big adventure tomorrow to . . . Delaware (Fact guaranteed to make you smarter- on Dec. 7, 1787, Delaware was the first of the 12 US states to ratify the new US Constitution)!   

I know,  I know don't get all huffy puffy and jealous of our exotic jaunts!! Off to visit Mr. Hotpants family which is long overdue!!! Last time we were there was when little Ms. H was 7mths old and could NOT walk, talk or scream "No, Mama!!!!" at the top of her lungs so it will be super exciting to be stuck on a 6hr flight with her!

We will be taking the girls into Philly (Philadelphia) quite a bit to visit the Franklin Institute, The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall & Gardens, and maybe the aquarium (Philly only 40mins from hubby's family town) . . . . can't wait to show little Ms. E the bench in Independence Gardens where Mr. Hotpants proposed 12yrs ago on a rainy night!  

Independence Hall (US Declaration of Independence & Constitution debated and adopted here!)

 Franklin Institute

I plan on blogging while we are there since we will be in a hotel room most nights by 9/10pm . . . Want to share my 2014 goals, some fashion fav's right now and a few other bits & tips!

Send us Good Luck Travel thoughts please!!!

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