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I had no idea that having a family of 4 with only two teeny extra bodies to feed would result is such an amazing amount of food!  Little Ms. E and I go grocery shopping every Saturday after I go to the gym.  We go to Trader Joe's because we eat mostly organic and natural and TJ's has the best prices prices for organic food.

This is our fridge after unpacking the groceries for 1 week (Sat-Sat). Lots of fruit and veg, chicken and salmon, tofu, yogurts, kefir and cheese for the girlies.

We love this Tuscan Italian dressing for salads and my hubby puts some over his chicken and broccoli lunches that he preps and takes to work.  The curry simmer sauce is amazing! Mr. Hotpants did veggie curry with this last week filled with bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, sugar snap peas and it was insane.
With two kids and a hubby who likes smoothies we go through a lot of fruit! 2 bunches of bananas, big bag of apples, 2 bags of avocados, lemons and limes (for our H2O), blood oranges, grapefruits, watermelon or pineapple, grapes, and 2 cartons each of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries and we eat ALMOST all of that!!!

These are awesome.  My girls love love love these probiotic "drinkie yogurts" that come in 2 flavors: wildberry and strawberry.
We always have some regular potatoes on hand for homemade fries that Mr. Hotpants makes delicious! and a bag of sweet potatoes . . . I usually take a few to work on a Monday and have them as a snack or lunch through out the week
When all else fails and the girlies wont eat anything I don't mind letting them have a bowl of cereal because I know they are fortified with iron, minerals and vitamins, but we don't get any crazy sugary ones and the girls are perfectly fine with that.  We love any cereal from Barbara's and these organic corn flakes are my fav!  We also buy a few boxes of different granola bars.  They don't have any added preservatives, chemicals or crap in them and they are perfect for a snack on the go for everyone.  And lastly we usually buy 1-2 jars of organic unsalted PB a week!   We use it in shakes, the girls eat it with apples for a snack, I take to work with apples or celery as a snack . . . we love it!
There are some weeks that I get a little bored with the same TJ's selection and I think the girls do too so I head to the organic section in our local Vons or Pavilions!  And these are some favorites: EarthsBest mini waffles for the girls, Horizon organic strawberry milk, Quorn Vegetarian chicken nuggets (for little Ms. E and me), Alexia (products rock) frozen crinkle cut fries with sea salt, Back to Nature classic round crackers (Ritz crackers but healthier), some Tazo teas for the mister and me, Annie's Organic mac 'n' cheese and a big tub of Fage plain Greek yogurt that we all enjoy drizzled with some organic honey!


  1. Your healthy eating habits are so inspiring. I bet it feels great to have the whole family on board.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Brandi! It helps buying from a grocery store where most products are natural and organic because even when you do buy "junk" food (and we do : ) at least you know it is a healthier option!

  2. That's impressive! I'm learning more and more about clean eating and you can find some great clean eating ideas on pinterest. Do you have a Whole Foods around where you live? It's inspiring to see what's out there. I love my Trader Joes!!!!

    1. Love whole foods too but when feeding 4 it adds up but they do have some great specialty treats


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