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Whew . . . I'm back!

Peeps!!! How the heck are you all? Wow that was quite a break . . . I have been out of the office since Christmas Eve and it feels like a lifetime happened in those 10 days.  Being home with my girls for 10 full days in a row was amazing, eye-opening and exhausting . . . HA!  It seemed particularly hard because there was no schedule, no structure and no school . . . but we had lots of fun and visitors.  This holiday season has reinforced our decision to move closer to family and be able to buy the house where we can host dinners, get-togethers, sleepovers, Christmas Morning and Eve . . . so many memories being made!

I feel like I have tons of things to say but instead of making this post 3 pages long I will share some photos from my iphone from the past week or so that should get us up to speed . . . 

We celebrate my Dad's Christmas Eve birthday every year with a family dinner and gifts on Christmas Eve, so this was me pre-Prosecco (maxi dress (old) H&M) . . . 

 and me "post-many-glasses-of-Prosecco" twirling selfie . . . on Christmas Eve! And we still had a 4ft doll house to build.  It was disastrous! Took from 10:30pm - 3am . . . Mr. Hotpants passed out; screwdriver and instructions in hand at 1am . . .luckily my dad was there and we finished at 3am . . . Brutal = never drink that much on Christmas Eve again especially if you have toys to build!!!

 New kicks from Santa . . . so rad I want some!

The dollhouse (here) . . . we had a princess, dolls, dress-up kind of Christmas this year!

 My amazing present from Mr. Hotpants . . . remember back here he got me the beautiful aquamarine stone (little Ms. E's birthstone) well he did it again with a ruby this time for my darling Ms. Harper's birthstone!  shocked and so so appreciative! love you Mr. Hotpants

We took the girls to breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel a few days after Christmas.  It is a character dining experience so all of the characters wander around the restaurant and come and say hello!

 The girls about died when Jasmine came over and said hello and Harper was very weary of that Genie!
Playing at the fire-pit at Disneyland Hotel

My sis and I decided to skip the gym and went for a beautiful hike on Sunday morning instead!  Such a great workout and a soul warming time!

We had a fantastic and fun sleep-over with my grandma (left) and great aunt (right) on Monday.  The girlies love their Great Grandma and Auntie Janet . . . we had a total ladies night with my sister and my niece and watched Princess movies!

I bought my Grandma this book for Christmas and she loved it! She has already started writing in it and is enjoying all the memories it is bringing up . . . I can't wait to know everything about this wonderful lady!

 We stayed in this NYE and celebrated it East-Coast time with the girlies.  We had BBQ-made pizza, streamers, poppers and sticky toffee pudding with apple cider! It was mellow and fun and perfect.

 Mr. Hotpants bought this amazing pizza stone that you put right on the BBQ! Pizza was delicious!

Family selfie at 12am eastern time (only 9pm our time but as you can see I was already exhausted!!)

I have a tendency to take down all traces of the holidays (decorations, apple-cinnamon candles, etc) and fill the house with fresh vibrant flowers and clean white candles for the New Year. . . these beauties are gorgeous in person and make me oh so happy!

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