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The last few days

We had a fun weekend . . . . there was a chill in the air and cozy fires every night.  Just a few pics

Me waiting outside for little Ms. E to finish her Kindergarten Assessment.  I "pinky" promised her I would be there in case she needed me or felt uncomfortable; so I grabbed a sandwich and camped out for 2hrs.  She didn't need me but when I pinky promise her I keep up my side of the deal, I want her to know she can always count on me

I was putting my laundry and dry cleaning away (which I hate doing!!!) and noticed that these are a few of my fav's right now that I keep in heavy rotation!  The two on the right are F21 and the one on the left is a Mara Hoffman cardigan I got a few years ago on crazy sale for $30

I love love love coming home to fresh baked yummies by my littles . . . they love baking SO much! I think Ms. E is actually better at it than me now!

Mr. Hotpants is serious when he decides to have people over.  We threw a last minute Superbowl get-together and it was a blast.  To keep the gaggle of kiddos happy we were miraculously able to rent this bounce house last minute (great company for OC and LA area) Mr. Hotpants aka Bobby McFlay, made homemade pretzels with a homemade Monterey jack poblano pepper dipping sauce, and Italian sausages with mustard/onion slaw on super soft rolls.  It was so fun and the kiddos had a blast in the bounce house with sleeping bags and all!

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