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Instant marble

Since I didn't get to my DIY last weekend I decided to tackle it a few nights ago after work.  Probably not the best idea to start it when I was home alone with 2 kiddos who were at the 6pm witching cray-cray hour and a dog, who for some reason, stood at the pantry door for about an hour barking for some treats.  It was a lot of "put those scissors down", "stop spraying that cleaner", "No! don't pull on that paper", "come back with the scraper!", and "no, you can't use the exacto knife" . . . slightly more frustrating and time consuming that it should have been . . .

But I love the result! Such a quick & easy way to spruce a nook up for $40! (sorry for the dark and dull iphone pic's; it was at night so no natural light!)

I bought the marble paper here and it arrived and looked beautiful; not too dark, too grey or too veiny . . . exactly what I wanted

 I started by cleaning the surface and sanding any rough patches

 These are the linen cabinets in our hallway leading to the bedrooms . . it is not that deep but is quite long and was painted white along with the cabinets when we moved in.

 The paper came with this little scraper (you could also use a credit card) to push out any air bubbles and creases out . . . it was not hard and very much like lining your drawers with contact paper although a little stickier. 

 At the end I just took a cloth and firmly swept it over the top a  few times.

It has a beveled edge and originally I was not going to cover it but then it looked kind of weird and unfinished so I took it over the edge and under.  The paper did great (they said if you need help with corners to heat with a hair dryer but I didn't need to)


  1. Looks amazing. Well done!

    1. thanks Diane . . . it was so easy (minus the kids!) . . . looks so real!

  2. amazing! this looks so real! does it look this real in person? So inspiring!

    1. Thank you! and yes it looks so real! Our nanny thought we had someone install marble over the weekend ha ha ha .... definitely worth getting a roll and playing around with it . . . I have ideas of a coffee table hack with this and some gold spray paint!


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