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Catching my breath

It's been a busy few weeks . . . I cant believe May is almost over?! Honestly the last I remember it was April!!! We have had birthdays, polls parties, beach days, ER visits, stay-cations . . . whew!!!  I was going through my iPhone and thought I'd share some snip-its of the past few weeks . . . if you follow me on Instagram (here) you may have seen some of these already.

 Little Ms. E was so excited to get her first trophy at her last soccer game!

 This was the night I spent in the ER with little Ms. H.  She was such a champ.  She hit her head and vomited so we had to get a CT (brain) scan . . . . so hard to go through, but everything came out OK

 On the home front - I got my large prints made (Costco) and now I am just looking to make some plexiglass flat frames with brass bolts 

The rug came and she is beautiful; although she almost broke my vacuum twice (sheds a ton at first) . . . I still haven't moved her into the living room yet as I need to get the rug pad.

 On Memorial Day weekend we did a little staycation with the girls at a hotel we frequent  locally (although I was on 3 antibiotics ugh) . . . it was fun!  they swam, we made smores, played table tennis and Ms. H loved these big chess pieces

 The next day we headed to my dad's house, Papa, and spent the day at the beach/tide-pools . . . it was beautiful!

the water was freezing though

 My pretties finally came from SheInside and they are so fun!  I had not ordered from them before so didn't know what to expect.  They are not well made and the fabric is not great quality but for $20 each I wasn't expecting much.  They will do just fine for brightening up my summer wardrobe. 

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