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Let's get a handle on it!

So now that I have my lovely all set in her comfortable spot in our home she needs a little glamour in her life! Look at her! She is begging for some! . . . and I may have just found the absolute perfect baubles for her! 

Introducing the West Elm Agate Handle collection!  But what color do I go with? Thoughts!

This room below from Hillary Thomas has resonated with me for years now . . . I am drawn to the over-sized prints of the children . . . I'm using this as inspiration to hang something similar over my lovely credenza above . . . 


  1. I have the agate handles in white/gray. They were clearance about 6 weeks ago and so I ordered the two sets I needed ...but when they arrived they looked so different (one with rings one without) that I had to order two more sets just to see if I could get a closer match. West elm set them out free of charge and I picked out my favorites. Anyway, go to the store to pick or order extras online knowing that there is a huge variance piece to piece. I have pics of mine on my Instagram. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the info! I think I will definitely go to the store to pick them out! I will check out your instagram too . . . xoxo


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