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Becoming a mum has to be life's biggest challenge, blessing, puzzle, reward, frustration, and wonderment.  It baffles me how we are able to make an actual person, carry them inside our own bodies then give birth to them and love them with every cell in our bodies.  It is a level of love and primal instinct that you can never know in your lifetime unless you have a child.  And I truly believe it doesn't not matter how you get your beautiful child, be it conception, adoption, surrogate . . . however the miracle happens for you . . . . but when that baby is put in your arms and you are told that YOU, and only YOU, are its mother . . . WOW, I mean WOW.

Now that I am a mother I feel as though the world, the heavens, the secrets to life have been opened to me.  To feel what I feel is on a level I never even knew existed nor could I have even tired to imagine the depth of it.  N O T H I N G     C O M P A R E S 

Now, and only now, can I understand the depth and truth to my own mum's unconditional love for me.  She loves me SOOOOOOOOO much, and while I knew that as a kid, knowing it as a mother now is like a light-bulb going off.  She loves me like I love my girls!  It's mind blowing to know that I am loved in that capacity.  She loves me with every cell in her body, with every breath she takes, I am made of her . . . . and she is absolutely the most beautiful person I know.  Happy Mother's Day Mum . . . . I love you to Scotland and back for infinity!

 9mths pregnant with my 2nd, little Ms. Harper 

 My baby girl, little Ms. E, at 21mths

 Photos by the awesome Jylare


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