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Things have been off-schedule for the past few weeks and man does that get me all turned around!  School let out and I was off with my girlies for a little over a week before there summer program began.   I got to hang out with my mama, some friends in LA and OC and we did lots of bubbles - big bubbles (great set here), played dress-up and took lots of "girls-only" baths!

Then I had a week long training at work with made for a totally different commuting schedule (no carpooling with Mr. Hotpants) and lots of traffic.  

So I just wanted to share a few things that have been happening from my iPhone . . . .

I worked with the wonderful Sara Mueller again to design some business cards for my blog.  I love what we came up with! She is fantastic to work with (she did my About Me page too) and she has a fabulous blog (here) . . . I had my cards made by Moo.com and I L O V E them!

As I said the girls played dress-up quite a bit . . . here is my little fire-breathing dragon (those lips!)

And this beauty!!!!! she is getting SO big hence the belly showing in this pic - this is a dress-up outfit that USED to fit her not long ago

This happens to me ALL THE TIME . . . sheer panic!

If you read this post then you will know that we are looking to spruce up the backyard.  I have started getting quotes for a new fence and this is the look we want . . . a vinyl white picket fence with the flat posts above (withstands weather conditions better) So far it is looking to be quite a hefty project . . . we have so much fence to put up its going to cost $$$

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