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Around the house

I have unfinished projects around the house and I need to get them done . . . Mr. Hotpants I may need you and your electric drill! 

I need to buy frames for these 2 pics that I got for the girlies rooms.  I want the Ikea Ribba frames in white but there is not really an Ikea close to me so this is why this hasn't gotten done . . . Family and friends, if you go to Ikea in the near future let me know and you can get me two of these and I will pay you back!  lol

 I need to build/make a lucite stand-off frame like this one for the poster-sized portraits of the girls I want to hang above the credenza.  I got the prints done at Costco for $25 each (20x30) and I think I can get the plexiglass at Home Depot or Lowes and they will cut it (I am hoping they may drill the holes but don't think they will - which is where Mr. Hotpants and his drill comes into play)

 I have found  few sites that sell the gold hardware like this 

I finally moved the rug into the living room . . . it looks so different . . . love how much lighter the room feels. 

Here is the before:

I bought these pulls for the laundry room cabinets . . . I have yet to spray them gold/brass and have them installed on the cabinets (ahem Mr. Hotpants)

This is what I am going for . . . they will look great and not as brassy as these because the spray paint I use is a little more gold and less orangey

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  1. That pineapple print is from Costco?! Plexiglass would look great on it.



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