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dragging my feet

We have officially been in our "new" home 2yrs this month!!! In some ways it feels like forever and in other ways it feels like it was yesterday we were checking on the construction.

We did quite a bit of interior construction and upgrading before we moved in and did about, oh I'd say . . .  absolutely NOTHING to the backyard (oh except move the hot-tub into the corner - it sat right out in the middle of the patio for some reason?)

But my mission is to get this place looking rad, wonderful, lovely, fab, and cozy!  We are always outside with the girls, playing bocci ball, BBQ-ing, swimming in our "pool" (aka spa), riding scooters, chalk painting, reading books and snuggling. 

I want to have a lounge/living room kind of area with a sofa, comfy chairs, flowy curtains on the pergola and a TV mounted somewhere, and a dining area with a table and a mix of chairs and benches.  Outdoor twinkle lights and lots of beautiful flowers; oh and a new fence that will make the backyard a little bigger and will give us more privacy form our neighbors.

We need some major landscaping done in the backyard too but we need to figure out our million dollar sprinkler problem before we plant more stuff that will inevitable die.  So once that is sorted and we can get plants in, we want some vegetable garden beds put in too!  Also I will be growing some beautiful vines up and over the pergola!

We can't do it all at once because it is just a lot of money so I will chip away at it.  I am having some people come this week to give us a quote on the fence and I bought all my supplies to paint the hot-tub myself!!!

The hot-tub was there when we bought the house and the inside is in great condition and we actually all use it way more than i thought we would.  Perfect pool for the girls in the hot summer!  But the outer fiberglass shell is not so pretty! It is a terracotta red/orange and has lots of marks and scratches! So I am painting it a nice medium grey and we are getting a nice new leather top so that at least it won't be such an eyesore!  

Here are some "before" photos . . . hoping this will hold me accountable to get it cleaned up!

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