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I might just dare

I have two sides to me; a Jekyll and Hyde of sorts.  I can be extremely organized, logical, scheduled, timeless, classic and a neat freak but then on the flip side I like a little chaos, surprises, unexpected twists, and to change things up.  Albeit my organized side gets the best of me most days because of just the nature of having two kids, a full-time career and all that goes with being scheduled down to the minute . . . . but I want to spice it up more.  Take chances, go on spontaneous nights away (Mr. Hotpants is really good at this one), have impromptu BBQ's (we are getting better at this) and buy crazy fun clothes . . . lol

That last one is not really out of the norm for me but I think I may just have to buy these . . . like I am weirdly drawn to them!

I am cosmically drawn to these Onzie workout capri's (here) . . . 

 I'm hoping they will make my bum look other-worldly like this!

Bikini bottoms galore (Don't blow the illusion X Amara) . . . I can't choose which I like more!

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