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I have a new routine that I'm a little obsessed with . . . it consists of three steps and leaves your skin feeling the softest it has EVER felt . . . like butta!!  It makes my skin tingle and feel alive and you know those little annoying bumps that you can get on the back or your upper arms? . . . G O N E!!!!

I first of all dry-brush my entire body before I shower . . . . I love this feeling; like someone is scratching that perfect itch for you.  You do long sweeping strokes starting from your feet/ankles and up towards your heart; then your arms and chest in towards your heart. Stimulates the blood flow and circulation.

I got my dry-brush here

Next I jump in the shower and give my body a few minutes to get really soaked and my skin supple.  Then I use a body scrub and apply all over, paying special attention to any dry areas I have (elbows, knees, heels, back or arms) . . . and at the moment (thanks to my wonderful sissy-in-law) I am addicted to this scrub (you can get here or at your local grocery store/pharmacy) . . . it smells divine and doesn't leave that layer of oiliness that I have found with some scrubs

Once I am done showering, I turn off the water, pat myself dry but leave my skin still somewhat wet and I stay in the shower . . . I slather myself with my good ole coconut oil (I love the Trader Joe's organic one) until it is soaked in then I put a lightweight robe on and wear that for 30mins or so to let it really soak in before I get dressed.

Trust me on this and try it!  . . . your skin will be glowing and tingly and you will just want to rub your legs together all day (oh and you gotta shave too!) . . . they will be so silky soft!

Relaxing with my silky legs and a glass or prosecco listening to some classic Neil Diamond over the weekend!

Oh and while we are here . . . I am going to get you hooked on the BEST lounge shorts ever!!!! and they are only $10 and come in great colors . . . I am wearing the "North Beach Neon" ones in the pic above . . . I have some in size medium for a really loose, low-sitting comfy fit and some in a size small that are better for the beach or going out because they are not as baggy. I am loving this blue color . . .

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  1. Mmmm I love coconut oil on my body! Nice legs you have there ;-)


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