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So as you may already know, from my perpetual "hair-in-bun-or-ponytail" photos . . . I am not that good in the hair department.  I blame it on having a hairdresser as a mum . . . I NEVER had to do my own hair and it always looked perfect when mum did it sooooooo hairdryers, flatirons, and curling irons sit collecting dust at my house. 

But I have found a recipe that works for me and it was proven the other night when my lil sis said "Wow, your hair looks amazing! What did you do?"  First of all, quite a compliment coming from the 2nd hairdresser in our family (she is not really one , but is amazing with hair).  Here was my answer . . .

Pic taken after dinner compliment from my lil sis

I washed it with this shampoo & conditioner, towel dried it, put on some Kerastase Oleo-Relax elixir (here) and brushed it through, dipped my ends (about 2-3inches) in my trusted TJ's coconut oil & rubbed it into the ends of my hair, then pulled it back into a loose bun and left it for about 2hrs . . . when I took it down it had a beautiful beachy wave to it.  

I think the only thing I will add to this routine is spraying some sort of salt-water beach spray to the roots to give a little day-old lift to it and a little more volume. . . . I think I already have this one at home! 

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