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The weekend

I got some goodies in the mail this weekend.  I couldn't pass up the deals on the J. Crew Outlet clearance sale!!! An extra 50% off the clearance items.  I ordered these cute little things of the girls . . . the seahorse skirt is adorable!!

I got these babies for myself . . . they are SO good! only $7.50

I also bought this amazing marble vase from Amazon that I had to share with you . . . It is not sold as a vase; it is a utensil holder for the kitchen, but for a cararra marble vase that is substantial you would have to spend over $100 but this was $21 on Amazon (here) . . . it is a great size! I'll have to get some flowers in it and take a pic for you.

We celebrated my big brothers birthday this past Saturday night at a new restaurant in town, Reunion, and we had a blast (can't you tell from the pic!!) . . . I may have had one drink too many, I may have pretended to smoke peach flavored cigars, I may have gotten locked out my house and had to sleep at my lovely friends house and I may have felt horrible for the whole of Sunday! . . . . those are all "may have's," the only sure thing was that it was a fun night!  I L O V E my big brother so much ; such an amazing guy! Happy Birthday x o x o

My little sister, big brother and an excited me!

My fantastic sister-in-law and I doing our Bond Girl poses (please note I don't smoke and have never been a smoker (it's just not my jam); this was just fun; they smelled so good!)

Some more Bond Girl fabulousness with my beautiful friend Ms. S

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  1. LOL. Looks like a fantastic time was had by all!


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