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Life on Fast Forward

Phew . . . I am guessing everyone else feels the same at this time of year?  This past month has felt like it went by in one week, right?  Life just seemed to get REAL this September as both girlies are in school now; one Kindergartner and one in the "big-girl" class at pre-school (3yr old class ha ha ha).  So many "meet-the-teacher" sessions, earthquake kits, backpacks & lunchboxes, and back-to-school nights going on . . . as a rookie-mum to "school-school" (preschool is chill compared to real school) I feel like a fish-out-of-water a little. 

Not to mention that "my" students started their New Student Orientation the exact same day as my little Ms. Em's first day of Kinder!  For those of you who may not know, I am a full-time working mama at a well-known LA Medical Center, on the Research side, running a Biomedical Graduate Program.  And the trifecta was that as all these were starting, Mr. Hotpants was going through finals with his school(s) . . . so there you have it in a nutshell; why my fingers have had no time to touch the keyboard nor has my brain had any cohesive thoughts for a few weeks!

 Their bond is getting sweeter everyday!

Alright, moving on from the madness . . . Some thoughts on this Friday . . . How great is this bag for Fall (get here)?  It comes in 4 great colors (I love the grey & navy) and is a great size for mama's like me,  that will be trekking to soccer games with tons of stuff in tow.

I found this fabulous mama on Instagram (here) and I am such a fan of her style I just had to share! Her name is Shalice Noel (blog here) and she is a stylist and a mama of FOUR!!!! I don't know how she manages to look this FAB all the time and wrangle four little people and a dog!! Check out her style . . . 


These shoes are Fantabulous . . . ( get them here on sale!!!!)

I leave you with the wise words of a legend that always makes me feel good, goofy and young! Happy Friday peeps!


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