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Hello Monday

We had a great little weekend despite the fact that it was filled with horrible sore throats, throw up, sleepless nights, neon green snot and fevers!  Yes we are all sick, except Mr. Hotpants, he is holding out on us.  I was able to spend my Friday off with my littles; I went to a Jog-a-thon for little Ms. E at her school! She was awesome but definitely felt sore in her legs the day after ... poor little thing had never felt muscle pain like that : (

I got a deliciously-relaxing blow-out at Dry Lounge and was able to do a little boutique shopping for my mum's birthday gift then we got to celebrate Granma at a dinner with all the kiddos Friday night.

 Love the new layers that my mum cut too; so much more body and volume! Awesome having a hairdresser as a mum
Granma got all her grandkiddos to share her birthday cake with . . . this is a motley crew! Going to be a wild group of teenagers one day 

Valentines day was nice and low-key.  I had to sleep Friday night on the floor with little Ms. E in the living room with a waterproof picnic blanket and bucket : ( . . . she was coughing so hard, crying and couldn't breath that she ended up throwing up.  Poor little thing was miserable and my back hurt oh so bad the next day!


The Valentine Fairy came and saved the Saturday . . . daddy made pancakes, we hung out in the backyard all morning/afternoon playing with bubbles, chalk and hosing off all the girls scooters and stuff  . . . then we had an impromptu Valentine BBQ with my sister, B-I-L and sweet niece.

 Pretty much where we hung out on Saturday till about 3pm! It was beautiful . . . and can't wait to add to this backyard this summer (think gauzy curtains, more plants, citrus trees, and a gray jacuzzi (Still need to paint))

And as if Mr. Hotpants is not already the most amazing daddy and husband on the planet; he bought these beautiful little necklaces for the girls all by himself . . . and gave them each to the girls with a bunch of pink and red roses each.  Love that he is showing them (and not only on Valentines) how a man should treat them - with love, respect, and as equals.

 And again since Mr. Hotpants is a "good one" and reads my blog I got this amazing clutch that I was lusting over (blog post here) . . . it is beautiful in person! And all handmade in California

And as on most days, there was lots and lots of singing, dancing and Broadway performances that went on this weekend . . . there was even a fashion show that took place using my new, and insanely amazing, yoga mat as the runway (you will not slip anymore! - buy here)

 My Payless $4.50 sandals came and they are awesome! Seriously they feel like you are walking on air! I got them in black and white (still on sale - buy here) (jeans - Rag & Bone, top - F21)

And lastly . . . although it may not seem that many to others I am so thrilled to have reached 500 followers on Instagram!  I love all my blog and IG mama-friends.  THANK you for following along (I need to thank Freckles Chick for giving me IG tips!)

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