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splurge vs steal Friday

So I L O V E all things Isabel Marant, both her high end line and her lower end, Etoile line.  But for the most part her pieces are not always in my budget (although the Etoile line is a lot more affordable).  I came across this top (here) and skirt (here) that I really love but both the top and skirt are $290 each making the outfit about $600 total  . . .

 or the dress version (here) is $365

So I looked into alternative options and look what I found . . . for $28 at Forever 21 (here)

I also am in love with her new tassel sandals  . . . but sadly they are $895 (here)

So I looked for a similar look but it was hard to find anything really close to it but I did find these (here) for $79

I have also loved these Holden slides for the past 2yrs (here) but they are still $495 

and I just found a great alternative at  Urban outfitters (here) for $79

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