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"Feel Good" in a vitamin

You know that whenever I have something I love I have to share with you all right!?  Well I have been taking a vitamin that I have fallen in love with for the past six months now.  I was not a big vitamin person in the past only because I never felt any sort of difference between taking them and not taking them. My hair seemed to grow the same, my nails felt the same, my skin seemed to look the same whether I was taking vitamins or not. 

And over the past 20 years I have tried many different types of vitamins from general over-the-counter drugstore types, to nutritionist recommended ones to my pre-natals recommended by my Ob/Gyn that I took with both girls, natural ones and organic and non-organic ones and with all of them I just took them because I assumed they were doing what they needed to do for the inside of my body but I never felt any difference on the outside and if I missed a day or two or a week it seemed really to make no difference; I didn't feel any different without them until…

I was introduced to these Holy Grail of vitamins, Axion, about 6mths ago (by my mum) and let me tell you not only do I feel fantastic when I take them, but if I miss a day there is a noticeable difference in my mood, my energy level and my overall body feeling good.  

Here is the website description . . . 


AXION is a comprehensive, full spectrum, Bi-Layer (sustained release) supplement that provides essential nutritional support for every cell and function of your body, including immune support, cardiovascular support, and metabolism. In addition, it contains essential vitamins, minerals, whole foods, enzymes, omega fatty acids, and probiotics for optimal health and vitality.

It’s not what you swallow, but what you absorb that counts. That’s why our extended release Bi-Layer technology has been developed. When you take regular vitamins, they dissolve too quickly and they get expelled in your urine instead of being fully absorbed. With our two-layer supplement, you get a sustained supply of nutrients. One instant release layer gives your body a kick-start of nutrients. The second layer, which has a specialized coating, releases another dose over a period of several hours. More vitamins are absorbed and less are eliminated. This process is a breakthrough in nutritional technology and could change the way supplements are used, less are eliminated. This is a breakthrough in vitamin absorption and could reshape the AM/PM vitamin world."
There are so many wonderful ingredients in the vitamin too that are not in any normal vitamins that I think make a huge difference; here are just some of the extra benefits . . . carrot root powder, spirulina blue-green algae, broccoli floret powder, spinach leaf powder, flax-seed, chia seeds, Lactobacillus, pomegranate fruit extract, and green tea extract. 

I will admit they are more expensive than your regular CVS vitamins BUT they are the only vitamins that I can actually feel the difference with.  If you are interested you can read more about them and order from the website too (here) and for more of their products you can watch some videos (here)

I'm just going to list a few of the changes I feel from taking these.
  • I have a sustained clarity and clear-headedness all day
  • My nails have never been harder, whiter, never-split and grow like crazy
  • My hair is silkier, thicker and feels healthy
  • I constantly have dry cracked lips & cuticles but with these vitamins this is gone
  • I feel so much better in general when taking these - less groggy, more energized, less headaches and less joint pain (I have a sore knee from running)

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