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Have you ever been out and about with your littles for the day when a sudden fever comes on or an earache or maybe even a toothache (5/6yr olds have wiggly teeth) or teething pains or do they have an accident/fall where they skin their knee or fall and bump their heads and you know it may hurt a lot later?

Well that seems to happen to us quite a bit ... there's always someone either hurt or getting sick and coming down with something and here we are out and about, away from any kind of stores (beach, parks, papa's house, etc) and since I don't carry a diaper bag anymore (our littlest is 3 1/2) I don't have the bottle of liquid Tylenol or Ibuprofen on me!  So imagine my happiness when I found these chewable ibuprofen for ages 2 to 11 at the store the other day!!! I promptly bought two bottles and have one in my purse and gave one to our nanny for her purse.  Just wanted to pass along anything that helps make a mama's life easier!

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