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Taking care of ME

It's funny because being a mum, I am so on top of getting the girls to eat organic, natural foods, drink their water, put on their sunscreen, turn off the TV and read a book or go outside and play,  to eat tons of fruit and veg and take their vitamins but when it comes to me I usually just do the bare minimum because I am so burned out taking care of everyone else!!!

So lately I have been trying to take more time out for myself . . . I have gotten back into my workout routine, which consists of running 2-3 miles for 3 days/week and doing Piyo 2-3/week. I have also been trying to eat cleaner; more fruits and veg and drink more H20.  And I finally went and got my lab work done that I have been rescheduling since October of last year!!!! Thank goodness everything came out in the normal ranges - relieved to see that my cholesterol is in a good range and that I have high HDL levels  (good cholesterol) 

The other thing that has been an issue with me since Emerson was born is sleep . . . and that just goes with the territory of having young children . . . At least one of my girls still wakes up every night; so essentially 7 nights/week I have interrupted sleep.  I am used to it now but that doesn't mean it does not affect me.  I started taking this all-natural, liquid  "Melatonin" (buy here) so that the sleep I do get is a deeper more restful sleep and it has been working like a charm.  There are no drowsy, foggy-brained after-effects like NyQuil so I can use it every night.

The other thing that I have added to my routine that I believe is helping to boost my mood, give me bonding time with my girls and gets me outdoors is the girls and I Take our pup, Lucy Sue, out for a long walk a few nights a week.  We get to talk and giggle, race each other, skip and dance to my tunes on my iPhone, find cool "nature" things and laugh at how many times Lucy goes pee and poop lol.  I look forward to it and now that it is staying light later we can go for longer walks (I pack a backpack with snacks, water and sweaters and we stop halfway and have a lil picnic on the trail)

This is the trail we take right by our house

How amazing is this bush just growing wild on the trail!!!!

We caught this cute lizard on our last walk . . . girls called her Lizzie.  Don't worry we just looked at her and gave her some lettuce and released her after about 15 minutes.  Nature Fun!

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  1. Your girls are gorgeous. Gosh you live in a beautiful area, that trail is stunning


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