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We are BACK!

Vacation was a blast - lots of sun, sand, shells, laughter, fire-fly's, arcades, henna and ice cream!  Thought I would share some photos with you to let you see the beauty of the East Coast beaches! Warning - Photo overload!

First of all our beach house was awesome (your can rent here) huge bedrooms, a great bonus game room with a pool table, board games, and tons more.

I fell in love with the long grass on the beaches - like out of a movie!

The Boardwalk was great fun - arcades, ice cream, yummy food . . .

Mr. Hotpants and his brothers had to get a bushel of Blue crabs!

My most favorite part? Most magical moments? Catching fire-fly's with the girls and watching them run around and get them - absolutely wonderful, magical, and special.

We found left over fireworks!

Beach days with cousins . . . 

Lots of dancing and performing done on the front porch as we waited for the awesome thunderstorms to roll in 

"Higher Daddy, higher!!" . . . . "Let me down daddy, I want to swim!" . . . this little fish has NO fear 

Pizza and garlic bread yumminess at Grottos Pizza 

Arcades for days . . . 

 Insanely yummy ice custard!

Happy and grumpy-pants

Little golf carts drove down the beach with slushee's for sale!!!

More ice cream . . . 

Had fun with these in the driveway after dinners . . . 

Sand, wind, and sun . . . 

Mermaid Henna tattoo . . . 

Nights on the boardwalk . . . 

Great vacation, great memories and a wonderful place 

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