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Right on Target

Target has nailed it on the head this season with super-cool back-to-school shoes!!!! We had a hard time not buying one pair of each! The girls LOVE shoe shopping like their mama . . . 

Check out these selections and guess what? They go up to a girls size 5 that I can fit into so you'd better believe I am getting some for myself!!!

 Ms. E got these!
 and these . . . she has a thang for "big cats!!"

 We are ordering these for Ms. E . . . 

 I'm ordering these little ankle booties for Ms. H - they are too cute in person!!!
 Ms. H got these (the girls both had these last year and I loved them - went with everything and really held up well. I will probably get Emerson a pair too for this season)
 I LOVED these but my girlie-girlie diva, little Ms. H said that they were 
"yuck! like boys shoes!!"
 So I will be ordering her these gold high-tops! 


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