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Traveling with kiddos

So after just flying with two kiddos on two 5+hr flights I thought I would share some of the items that I find most helpful - keep in mind our girlies are 4 and 6 so for younger kiddos - toddlers and babies - my list would be very different!

I bought these headphones for the girls and they are pretty awesome (here).  They sound great, are super comfortable and lightweight and come in great colors! 

This spider adapter is awesome (here) . . .  up to 5 people can listen/watch the same thing at the same time! The girls could share the iPad and watch a movie together without sharing earbuds (like the kiddos next to us were doing) . . . and it comes in lots of fun colors!

And I always stop by Targets Dollar aisle and stock up on flashcards, card games, crayons, coloring books and workbooks.  Such a great, and inexpensive, way to keep them occupied and interested on flights and fun to use when you have some downtime on vacation too!

Here are some of my other musts for my carry-on with kiddos:

* Some healthy snacks for the flight
* Big bottle of water
* A few little treats (candy, fun gum, lollipops - helps with ears popping) 
* Hand sanitizer 
* Pack of baby wipes
* An extra set of clothes (leggings, t-shirt and underpants - they fold up really small)
* Chewable kids Tylenol tablets (ages 2-11yrs) 
* Band-aids 
* Chapstick 
*iPad, laptop, kindles 

What are your must-haves when traveling with kiddos?

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