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A few new Christmas Traditions

We have been doing "Elf on the Shelf" (our elf in Maxx) since Emerson was 3yrs old and we love it . . . we don't get terribly crazy with it (just look up on Pinterest "Elf on the shelf!!) but it is something fun to wake up and get excited about with the girls leading up to Christmas day (buy here).

This year I am starting this tradition and I am so excited about it! You wrap up twenty-five children's books (they don't have to be new books). Put them under the Christmas tree with a special blanket next to them. Before bed each evening, let your child choose one book to open and read together...until Christmas!!!! How wonderful is this! You get to make memories, start a tradition and build you child's imagination, mind, and library!!! I want to do it as a family as many nights a week as we can!  I already ordered my first 8 books from Amazon to get us started

Lastly we normally just get the good old-fashioned cardboard advent calendars with the chocolates in it because it makes me think of my Christmas' in Scotland; that is what we had!  But this year, in addition to that, I bought this gift-box advent tree from the Target Threshold line, (here) their holiday stuff is amazing, so that I can personalize it with little crafts, a daily message or "kind thing to do" and make it our new tradition.

Oh and because they are too cute not to share, I got new stockings made for the girls this year because the old ones were not good quality and Harper's was not even personalized (ahem can we say 2nd child) . . . so I got these and the girls love them (they are so pillowy-soft!) (buy here)

What are some of your Holiday traditions!

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