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Prime Beauty

I left of a few of my favorite Amazon beauty/health finds out of last weeks Amazon post because I thought I would do a post on just those items.

I can't say enough about this stuff (here).  Magnesium is a necessity for your body and is responsible for hundreds of chemical reactions in our bodies.  It lowers blood pressure, lowers the risk of getting diabetes, it helps with muscle and nerve function, steadies your heart rate, assists in immune system function and works in bone health.  And in women it lowers premenstrual symptoms and osteoporosis risk.  


I have become addicted to my TONGUE SCRAPER!  Tongue scraping, is an an oral hygiene practice that removes bacteria, food debris, fungi, toxins, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue. 

 This set is awesome (here)

I am completely obsessed and in love with this fantastic sunscreen oil (spf 50) . . . It smells beautiful, feels amazing and gets absorbed into your skin quickly.  It does not make your face feel oily just wonderfully silky!  I love the Supergoop product line for sunscreen!

Another thing I have added to my skincare regimen is this Brightening Vitamin C serum!!! It too smells wonderful and I have been getting so many compliments since I started using it about how glowy my skin look!

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