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Amazon Buys

Back to my love for Amazon and my most recent fav buys . . . . 

First stop what you are doing right NOW and order one (or two - one for the hubby's car) NOW!!!  These car mounts for your phone are amazing and only $8 . . . comes in three fun colors and can I say again how amazing it is!  It is a very strong magnet that clips onto any vent in almost any car and on your phone you have the other part of the magnet that you can stick onto the back of your phone (although I did not use the sticker I just slipped the magnet under my phone case and viola "hands-free" phone! This is so important in California because Jan 1st a new law was passed that stated:

"Motorists will be prohibited from holding and operating a handheld wireless telephone or electronic communications devices while driving, unless it mounted on the vehicle's windshield, or affixed to a dashboard or center console in a way that does not hinder the individual's view of the road, according to the release."

Buy here

My other favorite buy right now are these back-booster seats!  They are lightweight, super affordable ($30), extremely narrow (So you could prob fit 3 next to each other if needed) and they are very easy to take in and out of the car.  I know my girls are 5 and 7yrs old but he California laws have recently changed and kiddos are having to stay in boosters with backs a lot longer now . . . personally I am completely OK with this (have you watched kid-crashtest dummy videos!!!) 

We have 4 cars that we have carseats in!!!!! I know, I know crazy --- we have our three cars (read "two commuter cars and a family SUV") then our nanny has carseats too because she has the girls in her car most of the day.  The seats come in super cute colorways too; blue, pink, green, red . . . 
 Buy here

Mr. Hotpants got me these cute booties as part of my Christmas gifts and I love them! I wear them so much and get tons of compliments.  They are super comfortable and are true to size.  They come in black, taupe and a beautiful wine.  They remind me of similar ones by Dolce Vita and Pour la Victoire.

Buy here

What have you bought on Amazon recently?  Please share . . . I love seeing what people find on there!

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