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Happy Friday

We are awaiting "storm-a-ggendon" here in Los Angeles & Orange County --- and as usual I am in heaven while most others are grumbling about it!!! Come on people we get almost 350 days of sunshine and like 9mths of crazy hot weather a year in SoCal!! We have been in a serious drought for the past 8yrs!  This is glorious, well-needed, and stunning! Be happy, enjoy it and relax.

Here's my round-up of the things that grabbed my interest this week . . . 

I think THIS project is genius - I will definitely be following along - mental health should be a #1 priority in this country!

And to go hand-in-hand with the above project I am going to start using THIS website with my oldest daughter who suffers anxiety.  Amazing that this is free for people with children who suffer from anxiety because a $150/hr therapist is not attainable for the majority of  parents

The arena of affordable, super-chic sunglasses has really opened up! I am loving THIS brand and THIS one!

There is a fantastic sale going on right now! You won't want to miss THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS.

I am listening to THIS book-on-tape and I am glued to it - I need all the answers and help I can get!  Great read for working mamas and daddy's!

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