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Love the Skin you are IN!!!

I have been experimenting with some new products lately and I wanted to share the ones that have stuck with me and that I am currently loving!  

Weleda Skin Food is actually something I have been using off and on for the past 7yrs.  I just keep going back to it, its that good.  It smells amazing, has no chemical ingredients, is great for dry, chapped skin, nourishes dry cuticles, soothes scratches/boo-boo's, treats split ends, tames frizzy hair in a pinch and brings world peace (just kidding but it probably could).

La Roche-Posay Tinted Mineral Sunscreen.  This stuff is liquid gold!!! I have never been a huge fan of tinted sunscreens or moisturizers because I always felt the coloring was way off but this, my friends, is marvelous!!!  At first glance it looks SO dark but it's not (trust me I'm fair skinned).  It is so smooth and lightweight and goes on beautifully.  It gives me the most gorgeous glowy-dewy looking skin and leaves my face feeling silky not oily or heavy like other sunscreens! 

Biologique Recherche P50 PIGM 400 Lotion.   I have read about this everywhere; from magazines, on blogs to instagrammers so I decided to give it a try and man am I glad I did!! I wear sunscreen everyday but I am a redhead and have natural freckles and recently I have felt as though I needed some help evening out my skin tone and that there were some areas of hyperpigmentation on my forehead that I wanted to address.  Well after only a week or so of using it I have already seen difference!!! My skin tended to be a little red on my cheeks and nose and forehead but now it has all evened out and looks smoother and younger!  Start out using it every other day to let your skin get used to it and work up to using it 2x/day like it recommends.  Oh and even though it says "lotion" it is not, it is more like a toner.

And last but certainly not least is this SilcSkin Decollette Pad!! I am in love with this product!  I sleep on my side and I have noticed that when I wake up in the mornings the skin across my chest has little wrinkle lines all over and that's just a hellz no!!!! Am I right ladies?! This is a thick silicone pad that is sticky on one side and smooth on the other.  I put it on (sticky side down) at night before bed and in the morning there are absolutely NO lines or wrinkles!!!  One pad is supposed to last 30 days so I will be replacing this monthly for sure.  I think that this along with some good wrinkle-reducing serum and sunscreen will definitely make a huge difference to remove and slow-down signs of aging on my chest.

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