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My Christmas Goodies - All about ME

When asked for Christmas gift ideas this year my suggestions fell into one of two categories - something for me/my health/my well-being OR something for the house! 

And I got lucky in both areas . . . let me share 

My health and well-being!  I have been dying to try the Goop skincare line and Santa brought me these two beauties that I am so excited to try!

Exfoliating Instant facial masque - buy here
Facial Oil - buy here 

I have heard so many great things about collagen that I decided I wanted to add it to my daily vitamin regimen (in my coffee - coffee, splash of cream, coconut oil and now collagen.)  Researched a few brands and decided on Dr. Axe's brand Ancient Nutrition

Collagen is great for skin elasticity and hydration, joint flexibility and range of motion, it assists in a keeping healthy gut and has many more benefits.  I am hoping it will help with my little eczema patch on my ankle! Buy here 

We love to go biking with the girls now that they are old enough so I was thrilled when I got a gorgeous new white beach cruiser and GOLD helmet!!!

Buy the helmet here 

I also got the new Fitbit Charge 3 and I am loving it (although not loving seeing how little I sleep but I am on a mission to improve that in 2019)  It can track everything - food, water, menstrual cycle, workouts, steps, stairs and it can even walk you through a 2 or 5min relaxation breathing series 

I got my favorite Glossier products - Boy Brow, Haloscope and Lash Slick

buy here

buy here

And for the house I got the bar-stools I have had my eye on for a while now; they are back-ordered till February so I will share when I actually see them! . . . 

buy here 

I was showered with so many other wonderful things too - candles, gift cards for massages, face masks, lip masks, cozy blankets and new PJs . . . definitely a wonderful Christmas with my loves and my family! 


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