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This is my little corner to share with all you mama's out there some of my favorite websites, products and reads!  I will be updating it as I find new things that are a MUST share! Hope you enjoy and find it helpful.

It is no secret that I am having and have been having a love affair with Amazon for many years now (Sorry Mr. Hotpants).  Since the birth of our first little beauty I have been drawn to Amazon like a moth to light for everything!  We use it for home, work, subscriptions, clothes, you name it; it is my GO-TO website for everything! Nothing but love . . .

 The next site I fully love is The Honest Company.  This company has done it's research on non-toxic products and has wonderful products for your babies, your self, your home and your environment.  You can choose bundles to be shipped to you monthly so you have one less thing to remember to do! 

Now that my girls are getting to school age I find myself reading a lot about schools and education and one site I kept finding myself on was Great Schools.  It has public & private school ratings and so many more resources for parents and for those who are just starting to look into schools for your kiddos it will really help give you some insight into the neighborhoods, the schools districts and the teaching theories.  

I wish Cricket's Circle was around when I was pregnant with my girls!  It is a great go-to website for mums-to-be and mum's.  It whittles down all those overwhelming choices of what bottle to buy for your baby, what are the best toys for a 3yr old, and so much more.  It is short and sweet cause lord knows, mama's only have about a 30sec window of alone time! 

The Glow is one of my guilty pleasures.  It is a glimpse into the world of inspiring and stylish mama's.  It is a beautiful website with beautiful mama's telling their stories; it is nice to hear that even the most stylish mama's have the same concerns and questions about being a good mama-bear and the same exhaustion.

And all mama-bears should be aware of these important websites:

* Centers for Disease Control (here)

* American Association of Poison Control Centers (here)

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